Popular Questions

How do I add my kids to the house property title deed?

With a Grant, Bargain and Sale Deed, using the number 3 exemption for property transfer tax.

How can I remove my ex-husband from the title to my house?

With a Grant, Bargain and Sale Deed, using the number 6 exemption for property transfer tax.

What happens if my spouse passes away while we own a house together?

A Death of Joint Tenant would need to be recorded with a copy of the death certificate.

Can I own property in my Family/Living Trust?


Can I hold title as a married person as sole and separate property?

Yes, your spouse would sign a Spousal Deed to release their spousal interest .

What if I don’t want to add my spouse to the property deed?

You would take title as a married person as sole and separate property and have your spouse release their interest.

What if the trustee passes away- A surviving trustee would take effect and an Affidavit of Trustee would be recorded.

Can I transfer my property into my business name?

Yes, if you own both at 100% then you would be property tax exempted.

How to determine the value of your property per the Assessor?

The county assessor’s website shows the total land assessed value per their assessment.

Can all my siblings take the title together as community property?

No, only husband and wife.

 How can I guarantee to avoid probate?

By vesting your property into a trust or having a joint tenancy vesting with right of survivorship 

What if my deed has no vesting?

A new deed should be recorded with the complete vesting name.

Can I give half my house to my spouse?

Yes, by adding them to the property deed.

How can I avoid property transfer tax fees?

By falling under one of the 13 tax exemptions.

How can I double check the vesting on my house deed?

By looking at the county assessor website for your most current deed recorded.

What if I don’t have my original house deed?

Copies are available online.

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